Thomson Training

Helen Thomson has developed a reputation for being ‘good with words’ and winning awards, since launching her in-house, tailored training business almost 30 years ago. Focussing on the roles in which better communication can impact upon productivity and profitability, Helen has been delivering a range of one day courses covering topics such as Cold Calling and Outbound Sales, Inbound Telephone Sales and Customer Service, Dealing with Difficult Customers, Managing Conflict at Work and Recruitment and Retention Skills.

Honed by years of implementing creative consultative solutions, personally crafting and delivering training which addresses the identified 'skills gap', and embracing an impressive and varied range of entrepreneurial projects, Helen's prodigious and energetic career ‘wick’ was lit after gaining top marks in the Institute of Employment Consultants Recruitment Practice Exam in 1988. The flames were fanned when she won Hertfordshire Businesswoman of the Year in 1991 (aged 24) and her relevant experiences since have been 'distilled' as a result of many years of diverse corporate consultancy, KPI analysis, induction, review and evaluation systems which she devised and embedded, mainly for SME's, as a result of being on the first team of Investors In People Assessors in 1992.

A pressing and unique issue which is attracting a lot of attention is that of the communication methods preferred by different generations within organisations as well as a dissonance created by almost polar opposite approaches to work and 'job loyalty'. People are now more likely to make decisions which suggest a loyalty to their own needs, compared to that of previous working generations for example. Engaging and inspiring teams by providing work which is purposeful, has impact, offers feedback and appeals to the 'greater good' has always been important but the younger workforce are demanding it whereas perhaps in the past people just buckled down and got on with it. Motivators have changed. And with it, comes a need to bring leadership and communication skills up to speed to make sure your company is operating at maximum output. This diversity in culture, caused primarily by a reliance on 'hand held computers' and messaging culture, is creating tension and misunderstandings, let alone an absence of actual dialogue with customers and colleagues, which needs addressing urgently if they are not going to seriously reduce productivity, morale and of course, profit. Thomson Training’s focus is on the integration of vital and often patchy ‘soft skills’ into one day courses which improve the results for critical areas such as cold telephone selling, face to face client interaction, customer service, recruitment and team leadership. The training is usually delivered on site, in small groups, with Helen coaching up to four participants at a time, her bespoke material presented in manuals which she has personally written to specifically address the company's unique culture and required outcomes.


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