SEAC Recruitment Services Ltd.

SEAC Recruitment Services Ltd is an approved Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) that have been supporting apprentices and organisations since 2010, helping over 1000 young people achieve their career goals.

We provide a service to both apprentices and companies alike, enabling young people to learn and gain experience, and businesses the chance to up-skill their workforce. Our team is dedicated and passionate about providing as many apprenticeship opportunities to young people as possible and we have a wealth of experience helping organisations of all types and sizes support apprentices, including; Multinational Companies, large Retailers, SMEs, Councils, Hospitals, Schools and Charities.

Apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity because, along with achieving a qualification, they enable young people to grow in confidence and gain important work experience. Our apprentices are always supported by both a dedicated SEAC Account Manager and a work place mentor who is able to share their skills, work motivation and show how the theory of the training relates to the job.

Our ultimate measure of success is for our apprentices to complete their training and be fully prepared to progress to the next level of apprenticeship and/or full time employment in their chosen field.


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