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Improve productivity and profitability with GREAT™

GREAT™ is a unique and innovative business transformation tool with a difference. Once trained in the use of the toolkit, employees can take an existing process and optimise it, or model and create new processes and procedures to improve productivity, efficiency, or internal communication.

Analyse how employees spend their time and build systems and workflows to make them more productive. Identify existing processes which are unproductive and get rid of them. Focus on the needs of the business and of employees – avoid excessive workloads through inefficient systems, bottlenecks and poor communication.

Unlike a one-off consultancy project, GREAT™ is a tool that can be used for the ongoing improvement of systems and processes, and offers a better return on investment (ROI) than using external consultancy firms. It also offers a revenue opportunity for consultancy firms that want to use GREAT™ to help their clients.

GREAT™ is a toolkit that you can use in your own business quickly and simply as it: • provides tools that allow staff to streamline systems, processes and procedures • improves the way firms work through better communication, collaboration and use of technology • allows staff at every level to make better decisions • transforms the way the firm is managed and increase profits.

Your staff can use the GREAT™ toolkit to analyse each process in turn and look for ways to improve them. This could include realigning existing systems and processes, or designing new ones to meet the needs of the firm.

With GREAT™ you can answer some basic questions: • Is the system or process necessary – does it add value to the business? • Can it be eliminated? • Is it time-consuming – could it be automated? • Is there any duplication of effort that could be eliminated? • Does anyone use the output – is the effort worth it? • Is the same data being entered more than once? • How could this process be made better? • Do we have the right data manage the business?

You can also look at how the firm uses technology and decide, for example, to embrace emerging technology, such as Cloud-based solutions and apps to generate new opportunities.


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