Celtic Harmony

Celtic Harmony provides a program of Prehistory day trips and residential experiences covering Stone, Bronze and Iron Age Britain for schools and the local community, to promote a more sustainable way of life in harmony with the natural world.

Day trips for primary school children, give pupils the chance to develop their knowledge of ancient Britain, with hands-on activities from Stone Age Hunter Gatherers to Iron Age Farmers. Residential experiences are for two or three days, when children can sleep in Roundhouses and journey through 800,000 years of Prehistory, led by costumed educators. The charity is the UK’s largest reconstructed Iron Age settlement with five 6m diameter roundhouses packed with modern comforts so that the children have a good night’s sleep; a welcoming 11m Chieftain Roundhouse and a Bronze Age Roundhouse.

Celtic Harmony works with local and national trusts to fund resilience building residential experiences for disadvantaged children to develop confidence and wellbeing. In 2019, 42 children form Bedwell Primary in Stevenage and Larkspur Academy in Ware are being funded to take part in a Prehistory Explorer residential trip funded by Hertfordshire Community Foundation.

The charity also provides a range of professional development, including conservation and archery engagement activities through the Hertfordshire Strive project, conservation volunteer programme, INSET teacher training and corporate days. They create a flexible programme tailored to the needs of your team to strengthen your workforce by improving collaboration and increasing effectiveness. The quest is to keep your clan fed and free in Iron Age Britain. At the start of the day each clan is given a bag of silver coins and must earn enough gold coins to trade for your lunchtime feast.

The first Prehistory Residential took place in July 2017 when Shenley Primary School attended. The Institute for Social Innovation and Impact at the University of Northampton analysed responses given by children on pre-visit and post-visit surveys and found that 86% 'enjoyed staying overnight with classmates' and 93% 'enjoyed learning about the past through outdoor activities'. 73% agreed with the statement 'I do well at school' following the trip, compared to 57% before, reflecting increased confidence.


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