Andusia Recovered Fuels Limited

Andusia Recovered Fuels Limited started trading in 2012 to take advantage of an opportunity in the waste market to export Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) to European energy plants. RDF not exported would predominantly be destined for UK landfills. Andusia offers a full and flexible supply chain solution for the collection and delivery of RDF from producers in the UK to energy recovery plants in Europe and Scandinavia, who then generate combined heat and power (CHP) for local communities and industrial plants.
By 2014 Andusia had become the third largest exporter of RDF in the UK and for the first five months of 2015, Andusia was the largest exporter in the sector with a market share of 10%. Almost 100% of all sales are for export and overseas sales have grown in these three years from £2.6m to £16.9m, an overall growth of 545%. The company wons the Queen's Award for International Trade for outstanding growth in overseas sales.


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