biz4Biz Awards

Impartial. Expertly judged. Open to all those involved in a business based in Hertfordshire.

The biz4Biz Awards are the first of their kind and are impartial, independent awards that can be won by anyone involved in a business in Hertfordshire. The aim of the biz4Biz Awards is to seek out examples of being the best at what we do.

Online nomination and voting will take place from the beginning of September to the end of December 2016. Nominees from the Top 20 will then be invited to attend a judging day at a Hertfordshire hotel during January 2017.

The glittering biz4Biz Awards ceremony will take place on Friday 3rd March 2017 at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel, Welwyn, Hertfordshire and will be hosted by the Rt Hon Michael Portillo.

All nominees will have the opportunity to publicise on the biz4Biz Awards website with Award Winners having full, on-going publicity, following the ceremony.

Michael Portillo

Award Categories

This award is open to any apprenticeship scheme that provides excellent job training, ensuring the apprentice becomes a master of their trade. Success is measured in the number of apprentices becoming a valued employee.

1 Alyssa Smith Jewellery LTD
2 John O'Conner (Grounds Maintenance) Ltd
3 KEITS Training Services Ltd
4 Cariad Marketing Ltd
5 Hertfordshire Chamber Of Commerce
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This award is open to any hotel or meeting venue which satisfies their customers’ needs and offers outstanding service. Members of Staff go the extra mile to ensure customers feel valued and special.

1 Tewin Bury Farm Welwyn
2 Needham House
3 Hermitage Rd Bar and Restaurant
4 Redcoats Farmhouse Hotel
5 Novotel Stevenage
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This award is for a commercial organisation in which decision-making is influenced by multiple generations of a family (blood-line or marriage) and who are closely aligned with the company through leadership or ownership.

1 Austins Funeral Directors
2 Ashbourne Insurance Services Ltd
3 J J Burgess & Sons
4 Alyssa Smith Jewellery LTD
5 Aztek Logistics Letchworth
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This award is for an idea or invention that has been translated into goods or a service and creates value. The innovator’s ideas must satisfy a specific need, at an appropriate market price.

1 Alyssa Smith Jewellery LTD
2 Creative Digital Agency
3 KDW - Independent Financial Planning
4 Display Plan Ltd
5 The Giving Machine
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This award is open to a company based in Hertfordshire but who successfully conducts business both internationally and locally. They demonstrate good skills, processes and relationships to ensure a consistent level of service is delivered worldwide.

1 Alyssa Smith Jewellery LTD
2 Creative Digital Agency
3 Rothamsted Research
4 Moore Stephens Northern Home Counties
5 Scott and York Intellectual Property
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This award is for any professional business, of any size and sector, who improves productivity and growth across the economy. The trusted company should provide accurate, confidential and specialist advice.

1 Moore Stephens Northern Home Counties
2 Creative Digital Agency
3 KDW - Independent Financial Planning
4 iQuda
5 Longmores Solicitors
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This award is open to any multi-national chain or an independent high street shop that is able to demonstrate excellent knowledge and a passion for the products they sell. They have a good understanding of their customer base and demonstrate a 'can do' attitude.

1 Alyssa Smith Jewellery LTD
2 Austins Funeral Directors
3 Sainsburys Letchworth
4 Wilkinson Letchworth
5 TK MAXX Stevenage
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This award is open to businesses demonstrating good ideas, careful planning and a determination to succeed and produce a thriving business. They are able to overcome challenges and have a clear marketing and development strategy for future expansion.

1 Alyssa Smith Jewellery LTD
2 Creative Digital Agency
3 Ashbourne Insurance Services Ltd
4 KDW - Independent Financial Planning
5 iQuda
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This award is for a company distributing goods/services from Hertfordshire to other markets. They demonstrate expertise in exporting commercial quantities of goods, globally.

1 Alyssa Smith Jewellery LTD
2 Hitchin Lavender
3 Weldability SIF
4 Lessiters Chocolate
5 Knight Strip Metals Ltd
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This award is open to any Hertfordshire based company whose products are produced in the county. They demonstrate a passion for working with and supporting other businesses in Hertfordshire also, by sourcing locally.

1 Alyssa Smith Jewellery LTD
2 Creative Digital Agency
3 Harriet Kelsall
4 Chilfen Joinery Ltd
5 Vincent & Gorbing
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About biz4Biz

biz4Biz provides a coherent voice for businesses in Hertfordshire. We aim to influence and shape policymaking and encourage investment in Hertfordshire by engaging with local and central government, relevant public sector bodies and local organisations to promote the county of Hertfordshire as a great place to live and do business.

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Adrian Hawkins

Chairman, biz4Biz

Awards programmes are a very visible recognition of success due to individuals and/or organisations in reaching a high level of performance in achieving the business plan and ambitions of a business.

Bruce Lendrum

Partner, Brignalls Solicitors

Recognition for a job well done coupled with the extra team energy generated by the qualifying and participation make taking part in business awards programmes extremely worthwhile and so enervating.

Andrew Sykes

Chairman, RHG Insurance

Understand the qualities of your business by taking part in an awards process, whether you deliver products or services or a combination of both, there is nothing better than the recognition from your peers for doing a good job.

Adrian Hawkins

Chairman, Weldability | Sif

The biz4Biz awards aim to recognise and reward excellent businesses based in Hertfordshire, regardless of size or sector, and the hard-working entrepreneurs who run them.

Tim Baugh


Entering for an award shows confidence and pride in the service you provide. Enthusiasm for what you do is your primary sales weapon.

Paul Beasley

Managing Director
Richmond House Financial Services Limited

In a very competitive business environment it is important to stand out from the competitors. By winning or even being a finalist in the prestigious biz4Biz business awards it could give you the edge in winning that contract that changes the year from being OK to being very good.

Keith Middleton

Partner, George Hay Chartered Accountants